SEWTAPS lot 11 Vendor Neutral Managed Service

The key objective for a Neutral Vendor Managed Service (‘NVMS’) is to secure an unbiased, high quality Managed Service provision to support the delivery of consultancy projects/professionals, that offers Public Sector Organisations value for money and added value in the services being provided. The NVMS will deliver a service of consultants/professionals through their supply chain and be the main point of contact for potential customers.

The NVMS will work with the customer to understand the requirement to deliver the project, ensuring that the best possible outcome will be delivered by a consultant or professional. Contracting Authorities may utilise this service for a full managed service for all of their consultancy and professional needs, or a transactional/one-off requirement.

The providers appointed on SEWTAPS offer a dynamic supply chain and provide public sector organisations with a marketplace to purchase professional services.

The services provided include:

  • Providing a fully compliant, consistent managed procurement service,
  • Supplier identification & on boarding, including Named provider on-boarding and management: flexibility to add and remove suppliers,
  • Specification development,
  • Full contract management,
  • Contract Award & Statement of Works,
  • Fully managed Sourcing Process Project delivery and support: access to in-house experts to scope and define your projects before going to market,
  • Outcomes based meaning the public sector only pays for what is delivered,
  • Lessons learned upon successful delivery of outcomes,
  • Providing standardised documentation and sharing learnings and best practice,
  • Support with making IR35 determinations,
  • Consolidated invoicing and advanced MI.

For a full list of services that can be purchased through this framework, please see link below.

The following services can be procured via the Neutral Vendor. This is not an exhaustive list and may change depending on requirements by each contracting authority:

Professional / Consultancy Services
Construction Consultancy Service Children’s Services
Corporate, Policy, Audit and Finance Commercialisation & Public Services
Procurement Organisational Change and
Social Value Transformation Management
Marketing, Media & Communications Facilities Management
ICT, Transformation and Change Housing & Communities
Education, Learning and Curriculum Business Strategies
Energy Consultancy HR
Adult Care Services Law

How to procure services

Firstly, you will need to submit the customer access agreement (link) detailing your intention to use framework.

Under SEWTAPS, there are two procurement tendering options available via Lot 11: either by a direct award or by a mini competitive tender process to select the service provider.

The appointed Neutral Vendor can be appointed for a ‘Fully Managed Service’ or ‘One-off’ requirement:

1. Transactional/ One-off Requirements

Single point of contact for the customer throughout the lifetime of the statement of work/project, provide supply chain of specialists and understanding of the customer deliverables.

2. Statement of Works/ Fully Managed Service

More hands on - To support the customer to ensure that all statement of works/projects are aligned to specific aims and goals, determine the requirements and discuss how you wish to implement a suitable consultant/professionals.

To find out more about SEWTAPS or Lot 11 please email the team on